The world’s easiest to use blockchain wallet from Hut34

Store, send and convert blockchain tokens, API access and more
The Hut34 Wallet allows you, your team, and your users to quickly and easily store, send and convert blockchain tokens and cryptocurrencies. Unbelievably easy on-boarding and powerful API access lets you build out blockchain powered Apps / dApps and scale your userbase to anyone with a Google account. Contact Us
Incredibly easy to use
Click to login or signup, and begin sending transactions immediately

Using interfaces and flows users are already familiar with, and without any requirement to install additional software, or handle ‘private keys’ or ‘seed phrases’ our wallet gets you and your users control of their tokens within seconds

Not your keys, not your coin

Each wallet user has sole custody of the private keys to all of the addresses they create, without requiring complex hardware or additional software. Export all details at any time. Keep control, stay safe.

Beautiful UX

Zero additional info or training is required to quickly master the functions within a Hut34 Wallet. It’s incredibly straightforward to store, send and convert any value stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

A Google powered Ethereum Wallet from Hut34 Learn More
Powerful API Tools
Help your users interact with their tokens

Powerful API access and user flows allow you to onboard your customers to an Ethereum wallet in seconds

  • Clear and simple interfaces for non technical users
  • Strong security distributed across Google tech stack
  • Private key bound to OAuth token, meaning only the user can access
  • Reduced complexity of advanced functions such as conversion of tokens
  • Return user’s addresses to your applications to simplify your dev path
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Move quicker, go further - onboard users to the Hut34 Wallet

Hut34 Wallet Case Studies

Get up and running in minutes

Small teams can start work with hutX within minutes. Create individual data rooms for tasks or projects and start creating and sharing hutX objects and unlocking more value

Capture added value

Using hutX smart data objects, our toolkit allows you to capture value as it is added to data, which can then be shared across your organisation, and further refined. Watch in near real time as data scientists add value, and stakeholders access it.

hutX connects the best tools for the task

Data scientists can work in R or Python, adding value to a Tableau or Power BI visualisation specialist, with the outputs viewed and captured into Excel all in near real time. By providing a shared workspace, hutX from Hut34 makes it easy.

Reduce Risk, Add Value
Handle sensitive data reliably and prove compliance

Work with our data scientists to prepare data for broader sharing, and manage the risk of sensitive data leakage within your secure data Hut.

  • Remove Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from unnecessary sharing
  • Measure any re-identification risk with shared datasets quickly and reliably
  • Allow non technical users to share and secure data incredibly easily
  • Measure and audit data movements within your organisation, and beyond
  • Control access with your team, and across third party suppliers.
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