What is it?

The Hut34 Wallet is an Ethereum compliant wallet using Google sign in authentication.  It removes the need for users to manage their private keys and keystores, which is a huge friction point for wider crypto adoption.

  • Single click sign in using a Google account
  • Works with all Ethereum ERC20 tokens
  • Secure and familiar ensuring easy adoption with minimal training
  • Non custodial - users have sole control of their funds
  • Easy export, no lock in
  • Decentralised token exchange inside your wallet

Whether you're an individual looking to manage digital currency or a business requiring your own wallet solution for a blockchain project, our wallet can work for you.

Wallet for Individuals

The world's first Google powered Ethereum wallet

Our Wallet gives you easy access to the world of decentralised cryptocurrency management
  • Free use for individuals
  • Single click sign up/in using your Google account
  • Non custodial - you have sole control of your funds
  • Easy export, no lock in
  • Works with all ERC20 tokens
  • As secure as operating your Google account
  • Manage your funds in real-time
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Wallet for Enterprise

Power your blockchain project with our Wallet-as-a-Service.

We're all about making life easy for emergent token economies.

Our WaaS solution gets you up and running on the Ethereum blockchain quickly, easily, and securely without a technical barrier to entry. Leverage your existing applications and integrate blockchain technology using WaaS. Loaded with useful features that will make integration easy for your developers, and simple for your users. It’s a win-win!

  • API available
  • Non custodial - users have sole control of their funds
  • Built on Google Cloud serverless architecture
  • Easy to integrate
  • Works with all ERC20 tokens
  • Simple but powerful UX
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