stationY from Hut34

Data collection made easy. Custom apps, workflows and data management.
Engage your entire organisation with data collection using a custom app from Hut34. Data is secured and trackable from birth and discoverable quickly and easily through your Hut34 Data Hut. Custom native apps for Web, Android and iOS to capture additional data from team members, suppliers, and even customers! Complement your existing data with precision data collection to add value, and drive data driven decision making. Contact Us
Capture and Secure Data
Transform traditional processes into stationY powered Apps

stationY can transform existing data capture processes still powered by email, or even paper and pens, into native Apps which can generate much richer, and timely data. stationY can also generate brand new data capture processes to engage your entire organisation and community in data capture on demand.

Secure from digital birth

stationY data is secured from the moment it’s generated, and comes with all of the Hut34 goodness including a strong audit and provenance trail, and easy discovery for those in your team who need it.

Drive engagement, access smarter data

A beautiful, easy to use stationY data collection app increases engagement amongst your stakeholders, and can even allow your customers to directly support your business with timely, live data capture.

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Collaboration tools on fire
Engage all stakeholders in data driven decisions

stationY data collection apps directly secure all data from it’s capture. Once in a Hut34 Data Hut, you can move data incredibly quickly and easily, and increase the outputs from your teams immediately.

  • Drag and Drop interfaces for non technical users
  • Integrations into Excel, Tableau, Power BI and more
  • Empower data scientists to discover previous data work, and access additional datasets as required
  • Watch in real time as scientists, product owners and data warehouses interact
  • Reduce lag on analysis and value add exponentially
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Custom apps to collect data - stationY from Hut34

stationY Case Studies

Get started
Get up and running quickly

If you have an existing data collection process, we can often build and launch a stationY collection App within weeks.

Smarter data
Capture added value

Using smart data objects, stationY from Hut34 allows you to capture value as it is added to data, which can then be shared across your organisation, and further refined. Watch in near real time as data is captured, scientists add value, and stakeholders access it.

Comprehensive workspace
Use the best tool for the task

Data captured by stationY can immediately be accessed in R or Python, adding value to a Tableau or Power BI visualisation specialist, with the outputs viewed and captured into Excel all in near real time. By providing a shared workspace, Hut34 makes it easy.

Reduce Risk, Add Value
stationY helps you collect sensitive data reliably and prove compliance

Manage the risk of sensitive data leakage by collecting data with stationY from Hut34

  • Remove Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from unnecessary sharing
  • Measure any re-identification risk with shared datasets quickly and reliably
  • Allow non technical users to share and secure data incredibly easily
  • Measure and audit data movements within your organisation, and beyond
  • Control access with your team, and across third party suppliers.
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