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Create smart data objects binding data to identity and value. Unlock value from your data.
hutX is the protocol at the heart of our technology. It is an open protocol for binding data to value and identity, and represents a ‘smart data object’ Smart data objects can tell you how they were created, who participated in their genesis and synthesis into new value, and can even provide billing, audit and security for data trading and compliance management. Contact Us
Track, secure and monetise your data
hutX allows data to be tracked, improved, and even traded natively

Our integrations into DLT (Distributed ledger technology) give our smart data objects powerful features which allow you and your team to unlock value in multiple ways

Secure, audit, and trade

As well as a permanent record of access and revisions being created within your team, hutX allows you to share your smart data objects with marketplaces, where they can be directly monetised

Internal data marketplaces

hutX unlocks the ability for your organisation to create an internal data marketplace. In many cases, it can be hard to get an organisation wide view on the value of data being generated, stored and shared. An internal marketplace lets you measure the value of the data being captured, synthesised and shared in an empirical fashion

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Data Provenance made easy
hutX objects contain both revision history, and an audit trail of the base data used by your data scientists

Data scientists work directly in the software best suited to the task, be it a Python notebook, R, or a visualisation solution such as Tableau or Power BI. hutX objects contain a record of both revision and provenance that’s easy for all to inspect

  • Powerful UX to browse smart data object properties
  • Integrations into Excel, Tableau, R Studio, and more
  • Understand more deeply the utility of specific datasets to data scientists, helping data driven decision making
  • Watch in real time as scientists, product owners and data warehouses interact
  • Reduce lag on analysis and value add exponentially.
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Move quicker, go further - unlock more value in your data with hutX from Hut34

hutX Case Studies

Get up and running in minutes

Small teams can start work with hutX within minutes. Create individual data rooms for tasks or projects and start creating and sharing hutX objects and unlocking more value

Capture added value

Using hutX smart data objects, our toolkit allows you to capture value as it is added to data, which can then be shared across your organisation, and further refined. Watch in near real time as data scientists add value, and stakeholders access it.

hutX connects the best tools for the task

Data scientists can work in R or Python, adding value to a Tableau or Power BI visualisation specialist, with the outputs viewed and captured into Excel all in near real time. By providing a shared workspace, hutX from Hut34 makes it easy.

Reduce Risk, Add Value
Handle sensitive data reliably and prove compliance

Work with our data scientists to prepare data for broader sharing, and manage the risk of sensitive data leakage within your secure data Hut.

  • Remove Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from unnecessary sharing
  • Measure any re-identification risk with shared datasets quickly and reliably
  • Allow non technical users to share and secure data incredibly easily
  • Measure and audit data movements within your organisation, and beyond
  • Control access with your team, and across third party suppliers.
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