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Token Sale Process

Hut34 will sell up to 30% of the available ENT (Entropy tokens) to sale participants.

12,500,000 tokens have been made available to pre-sale participants of a value > 150 ETH - contact us to get a call back from our concierge team if you are interested in this aspect.

The maximum cap for this Token Sale is 60,000 ETH, or approximately $18m USD. Our stepped pricing policy below, however, reduces this cap as a function of participation in early pricing rounds. We will disclose total funding received, and progress towards our targets will be transparently displayed on this page.

Finally, please note that the only place we will display smart contract addresses, and other payment information is on this website - https://hut34.io. Any direct message, email or other connection claiming to offer other payment options is likely a scam. Please be careful out there.

The Token Sale

ENT will be ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The sale and release of all tokens will be managed by a smart contract, whose code will be released and verified publicly on the Etherscan website (not operated by the Hut34 team).

Participants will also be able to forward selected crpyto-currencies to the Hut34 team in order to be able to participate; however, all recipients of ENT must provide a valid Ethereum address in order to take possession of their ENT.

The Hut34 team will prepare and release various materials to document and support the process of participation and delivery of your ENT.

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Token Pricing

ENT will be sold at the following prices during the Token Sale. All times are UTC.

Round Period Tokens per ETH ETH price per ENT
1 Day 1 : November 2nd 00:00 - 23:59 750 0.00133
2 Week 1 : November 3rd 00:00 - November 8th 23:59 652 0.00153
3 Week 2 : November 9th 00:00 - November 15th 23:59 588 0.00170
4 Week 3 : November 16th 00:00 - November 22nd 23:59 545 0.00183
5 Week 4 : November 23rd 00:00 - November 29th 23:59 517 0.00193
6 Week 5 : November 30th 00:00 - December 6th 23:59 500 0.002
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— Claude Elwood Shannon

Token Distribution

100 Million Entropy tokens will be generated in total, to be distributed as follows:

1. A maximum of 30% to Token Sale participants.

If all available tokens are not sold, excess ENT tokens will be transferred to the Entropy Foundation for purposes described in 2 below.

2. A minimum of 50% will retained by the Entropy Foundation for:

* platform partnerships, developer incentivisation programs,
* Entropy token management initiatives,
* employee expansion and future development,
* Token Sale related expenses.

3. 20% will be allocated to the Entropy Foundation team members and advisors, which will be subject to a two year vesting schedule with a 6 month cliff. This means we will mature one-quarter of our tokens every 6 months.

Token issuance will occur following the completion of the Token Sale process.

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