Hut34 Data Huts

Launch a data hut to unlock Agile Data Practices, and get much more from your data, and your team.
Our toolkit solves data problems helping you and your team work smarter and faster using the software they are already familiar with. Create secure data rooms, share quickly & easily, and audit & control access dynamically. Bring in participants from across your organisation, from marketing to Data science, the C-Suite to a junior visualisation specialist. The original 'Huts' helped crack the Enigma code and win a war. Together, we'll help you get so much more from your data and from your team. Welcome to the Hut. Contact Us
Secure and portable, make your data agile.
Data huts create smart data objects to supercharge your team

Many organisations struggle with team members creating multiple copies of data in order to suit individual workflows and software. Hut34 data huts create smart data objects which allow teams to keep strong security and audit whilst remaining incredibly flexible

Secured and Audited

Watch in real time as a permanent record of access and revisions is created throughout a data project - across all software, and even with third party providers.

Beautiful UX

Everyone feels at home working in a Hut. Manage users and review behaviours quickly and easily, or simply use our integrations to maximise productivity within the software of your choice.

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Collaboration tools on fire
Engage all stakeholders in data driven decisions

A data hut functions like rather a channel within a messaging system like Slack, bringing together all participants working on a specific outcome to operate as greater than the sum of their parts. The difference is, of course, that the actual data work occurs within the controlled hut environment, across whichever software and tools your team prefer - from R to Tableau and back again via Power BI! Move data incredibly quickly and easily, and increase the outputs from your teams immediately.

  • Drag and Drop interfaces for non technical users
  • Integrations into Excel, Tableau, Power BI and more
  • Empower data scientists to discover previous data work, and access additional datasets as required
  • Watch in real time as scientists, product owners and data warehouses interact
  • Reduce lag on analysis and value add exponentially
Move quicker, go further - unlock more value in your data with Hut34

Hut34 Data Hut Case Studies

Get started
Get up and running in minutes

Small teams can start work in a data hut within minutes. Create individual data rooms for tasks or projects and start moving data between stakeholders, and adding value immediately

Smarter data
Capture added value

Using smart data objects, Hut34’s toolkit allows you to capture value as it is added to data, which can then be shared across your organisation, and further refined. Watch in near real time as data scientists add value, and stakeholders access it.

Comprehensive workspace
Use the best tool for the task

Data scientists can work in R or Python, adding value to a Tableau or Power BI visualisation specialist, with the outputs viewed and captured into Excel all in near real time. By providing a shared workspace, Hut34 makes it easy.

Reduce Risk, Add Value
Handle sensitive data reliably and prove compliance

Work with our data scientists to prepare data for broader sharing, and manage the risk of sensitive data leakage within your secure data Hut.

  • Remove Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from unnecessary sharing
  • Measure any re-identification risk with shared datasets quickly and reliably
  • Allow non technical users to share and secure data incredibly easily
  • Measure and audit data movements within your organisation, and beyond
  • Control access with your team, and across third party suppliers.