Hut34's Colossus

Bind your data to identity. Keep it safe. Keep it secure
Inspired by the ‘Colossus’ machines developed at Bletchley Park, our encryption service is an open protocol ensuring users can secure data quickly and easily when they wish to share, or access it remotely. Incredibly easy to use, and with a full audit trail, avoid data leaks and accidental copies. Discourage or prohibit sharing via email or USB, and unlock agile data. Contact Us
Colossus data is secure and self sovereign
Data huts create smart data objects to supercharge your team

We bind your data to your identity using the provider of your choice. Users interact with a simple drag and drop interface, and the data is only available to the individual. Increase the security of your data by several orders of magnitude with Colossus.

Distributed Storage

Colossus harnesses ‘IPFS’ storage nodes to achieve persistent distributed storage at incredible value. Prefer to set storage policies? No worries, the protocol is open and can be configured to match your needs

Easy to use for everyone

Many users fall back to copying important data onto USB, or sending it to a personal or external address via email, both sub-par solutions which can expose risk. Colossus in a data hut is so easy and straightforward to use you can increase compliance and security without friction

Colossus from Hut34 - a cutting edge encryption service Request a Demo
Secure and usable
The best security tools are the ones people use. Colossus makes it easy.

Encryption has traditionally been treated as an ‘IT’ issue, with solutions selected and integrated at the infrastructure layer, with little consideration given to users. Sometimes this results in strong ‘in theory’ security, but users’ practices prove disruptive and introduce risk. Colossus is part of the solution to this problem by offering a very easy to use ‘downhill slope’ for best data practices

  • Drag and Drop interfaces for non technical users
  • Configured to use distributed storage out of the box - incredible value.
  • Creates an audit trail of data movements without friction for the user
  • Allows flexible working practices without compromising security
  • Can be used by identities both within an organisation, and third party suppliers or partners seamlessly.
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Improve security and data practices with Colossus

Colossus from Hut34 Case Studies

Get up and running in minutes

Small teams can start accessing the benefits of Colossus within minutes. Log in, and drag and drop files related to your data project immediately.

Give users a tool they can use

Colossus has a role to play in encouraging and ensuring better data practices, and discouraging common, but insecure, behaviours such as emailing copies of data, or transfering to USB

Use the best tool for the task

Colossus files can quickly and easily be transfered into hutX objects allowing for further sharing and monetisation within your data hut. Contact us to find out more.

Reduce Risk, Add Value
Handle sensitive data reliably and prove compliance

Work with our data scientists to prepare data for broader sharing, and manage the risk of sensitive data leakage within your secure data Hut.

  • Remove Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from unnecessary sharing
  • Measure any re-identification risk with shared datasets quickly and reliably
  • Allow non technical users to share and secure data incredibly easily
  • Measure and audit data movements within your organisation, and beyond
  • Control access with your team, and across third party suppliers.
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