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Simple, straightforward connection provides frictionless access to all connected platforms and services.

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Route unresolved queries to the Hut34 Network. Routing options can be set by the developer to suit their specific needs and requirements.

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Optimal resolution of queries through intelligent ranking. Use your Hut, our managed service or another 3rd party service to rank answers returned from the network.

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Be rewarded fairly for your contribution to the network. Earn Entropy by providing others access to your data, information or domain knowledge.


Hut34 enables A.I., Bots, IoT, other digital services and data sets to connect, interact and monetise data, information and knowledge.

The Hut34 Platform

Built to allow frictionless on-boarding the Hut34 Platform lowers the barrier to entry and encourages wide adoption of the Hut34 Network.

The statistics shown are live from The Hut34 Platform, currently in private beta release. Contact us for a seat.

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HutX: The Hut34 Protocol

The Hut34 Network is built upon Huts, or nodes. The first node on the network is the Hut34 Platform. Each Hut at a minimum distributes and transacts in digital services and information.

We describe the layers of the Hut34 Network using the OSI model as a reference as it is aligned with our product offering whilst being a familiar stack to developers.

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Hut34 Entropy Token details

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Token Name : Hut34 Entropy Token
Token Symbol : ENTRP
Token Supply : 100,000,000
Token Decimals : 18
Token Address : 0x5BC7e5f0Ab8b2E10D2D0a3F21739FCe62459aeF3
Token Code : Click to review on

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