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hutX Protocol

Our protocol for secure, trustless data sharing and monetisation.

The hutX protocol is at the core of all we do.

  • Though data volumes continue to grow exponentially they remain fragmented, siloed, and value is difficult to extract.
  • Using advanced cryptography and market leading blockchain technology, hutX "binds" data with value. Data as an Asset - a powerful concept.
  • Through creating secure and transferable data assets, with a tokenised blockchain settlement layer, more efficient data collection, transfer and trade can be facilitated.
  • Superior and standardised data management, incentivised data collection and sharing allows formation of powerful data sets analysis, insights and commercial outcomes.

Our Products


Data encryption and smart contract suite

The Colossus microservice and smart contract suite extends the power of the Hut34 Wallet to allow fully trustless data exchange through the HutX object. Colossus manages multiple keys that can be created and derived from a user's Hut34 Wallet Ethereum addresses, allowing for data objects of any nature to be traded securely.

Hut34 Wallet

World's first Google powered ethereum wallet.

Sign in, store, send, convert. As easy as sending an email. With onboard conversions powered by the 0x protocol, you can move value between tokens without having to install extensions, or understand complex processes.

To find out more click here and try it out.


Signals collection app

Increase your knowledge of your customers, employees or community through a simple but powerful customised mobile app. StationY allows you to communicate, interact and collect vital data points and information to understand what really makes your users tick.


Integrated data and analytics solutions unlock the value in your data.

From a team with deep domain expertise in finance, technology and academia comes a new paradigm in data analytics and management. Our approach takes things back to first principles, binding your data to value at the point of its creation.

Our ground breaking technology suite empowers your own stakeholders to unlock the value in your data, creating 'positive feedback' loops and actionable insight. It's efficient and measurable.

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